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Deyaler Desh (Bengali)


CAST: Soriful Razz , Shabnam Bubly

RUN TIME: 139 min

Is there Love after Death ? If so, how does it affect the living ? Baisakh, a man let down by life works as a Assistant in a Morgue. One cloudy day, he finds that one of the bodies brought in the morgue is wearing the copper-wire ring he made for his ex-fiancee Nohor who used to work at a garments factory and who got married to another man because of family pressures and economic hardship. All his moments of memories come back to him, and he remembers that one of her wishes was to spend a day as his wife. In a life torn by depression, Baishakh finds that the desire to make her dream come true gives him the strength to overcome the odds and live again - and he decides to fulfill her last wish. Shoriful Razz, the versatile upcoming actor soars in one of his best characters after the hugely successful "Poran" - and Shabnam Bubly dispels her nay-sayers once again with a superb performance ! Debut Director, Mishuk Moni , who earned his degree in Engineering in BUET , then decided to pursue his passion for film making - craftily puts the story on screen with the greatest of care - a story that will touch the hearts of anyone who has ever loved someone .